7 years ago I worked with InkedKenny and James Fowler of the 10x10 Photography Project to produce the set of photos you see below.

The 10x10 Photography Project is an annual exhibition and book launch celebrating LGBTQ people who have contributed to the arts in Canada.  They select 10 LGBTQ artists who then take 10 photos of LGBTQ subjects (hence 10x10). A  gallery showing as well as a book of the images is published just before Pride Toronto each year. The images shown here are from the very first year it started back in 2011.

One of my idols growing up was Elton John.  I have ALWAYS felt this weird, cool connection to his music and was fascinated by his style. Even as a small child, you could find me at home lip syncing and performing to his rendition of 'Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds' and the entire Greatest Hits Volume 2 album ,over and over and over...don't even get me started on 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'.

In Grade 6 (11 years old) I did a book report on him and came to school dressed in an outfit, not unlike what you see here, that I made all by myself including multi coloured, feather rimmed sunglasses and I lip synced to 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' in front of my entire class.  Don't remember what grade I got but I don't care......it.........was..........AMAZING!!!!  Fucking Spectacular!

So when it came time to develop a theme for the photos by Inked Kenny, it was the first thing that popped into my head as I have always wanted to do a set of photos dressed as some of my favourite music icons, so here was the perfect opportunity to start with the top of the list.

Taking inspiration from THE iconic white feather jacket, I was determined to be as exact as I could when throwing this outfit together.  I found the most PERFECT pair of shoes from a costume store and sprayed painted them white.  Then I hunted down an old, white, ladies leather jacket at a local thrift store and hand made the feather and 'pearl' epaulet's you see precariously sitting on the shoulders..................and off I went!!!

Not too friggin bad, if I do say so myself.  I hope Elton would be proud.  I sure as fuck was.

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