OKAY, BLACK IS TIMELESS AND WE DON'T MESS WITH IT. BUT WHAT ABOUT WHEN WE WANT TO GET A LITTLE FREAKY? FETISH DESIGN IS A SERIOUSLY HOT TREND (AND BY HOT, WE MEAN HOT AND STEAMY) AND WE ARE TOTALLY GOING NUTS FOR IT. tish design is a seriously hot trend (we mean, hot and steamy and growing in popularity…) and we’re totally going nuts for it.
After we all secretly watched Fifty Shades of Grey and all secretly loved it. Many people (us included, let’s, be real) have started to daydream about what it would be like to have a secret fetish den of our own. But, is it practical? Reality sinks in and many think of the possible issues of dedicating an entire room to crazy, hot sexual escapades. First, giving up an entire room in a home is a lot to ask and second, do you really want to risk having dear old granny stumbling upon it on the way to the bathroom? Suddenly hot turns to not so hot and the dream dies.
BUT WAIT. At teb Interiors, we don’t let dreams die. We like a good problem and we extra love to have our cake and eat it too. So, it got us thinking: What’s even better than a secret fetish den? Answer: A fetish den that’s hidden in plain sight. Bingo.

Wait, what?
One of the hottest things about a fetish is that the hidden taboo makes it all that much hotter. Often, it’s something that you enjoy keeping a secret and release with lucky lovers. The great thing about interior design is that your imagination is your toolkit and with careful design, you can hide things in plain sight with strategically placed features.

Hangout by day, fetish by night
How do you do it? Take whatever hangout space you have to unwind in and deck it out in whatever cool theme makes you happy. For example, play off your love of superhero comics and get a cool mural on the go, with a Superman phone booth, old school arcade games, and vintage style silver fixtures. Who wouldn’t want to hang out here and get a drink? We do! The space hurler art is custom work we created from the homeowners own childhood collection, making this hangout the perfect customized space that’s one of a kind.
Then, when you’re ready to impress your guest(s) of honor, the room can transform into a den of fetish pleasure.

Bring out the toys
We bet you didn’t notice all of the hidden, exciting elements of the space. Up in the ceiling, speaker covers are removable, allowing hangers that pop down for a sex sling to be clipped on and enjoyed. Take a closer look at the black box on the wall, and you’ll see a removable glory hole hiding in plain sight. To make it even more exciting, the secondary seating area folds up into itself to transform into a BDSM sex horse and not pictured is a kneeling bench to ensure no sex position goes unfulfilled in this den.
Also, there’s tons of tucked away storage for other fun and exciting toys. Welcome, Mr. Gray – we have you beat (pun intended)

The art of surprise and delight
There’s nothing hotter than a tastefully designed den to relax and unwind in, until you introduce fetish elements that are well done and complimentary to the space. You can easily get someone wound up with surprise by keeping the room a mystery and showcasing only one element per interaction, if that’s your flavor.
Good things come to those who wait, and this room has plenty of spicy secrets that will never cease to impress and entertain.  

Fetish Mode
Before, During & After

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