Spring is almost in the air, and if you’re looking around at the same bland walls, the same old clutter, the same impassive Cocaine Badger slamming your head down on the same old glass coffee table, it’s probably time for a home makeover. But how can you prevent your space from filling up with the same cluttered mish-mash of furnishings and décor again, just with newer stuff?
The solution is not to go for a completely neutral palette (may we take this opportunity to gently say, FUCK BEIGE) or buying all your furniture from the same store at the same time. At teb Interiors, we’re a full service Interior Design firm known for bringing awesome crap to your home, crap that fulfils an edgier and sexier design aesthetic than other famous interior designers who have a line of paint colours sold at Canadian Tire. And we see this mistake all the time. “I’ll just buy everything from a closeout sale and it will all match.” It’s hard to resist the urge to beat people unconscious so we don’t have to hear this kind of design blasphemy.
If you want, you can hire us to re-do your entire space and make it a reflection of your tastes and values such that you will want to spend all your time in it. Hey, we’re all for the Howard Hughes, don’t-want-to-leave-my-house-because-it’s-so-fucking-cool-in-here mentality. But if you’re not ready for a full gut job, we can help you with a single very important interior design tip. No, it’s not paint colours. It’s this.
If your mind just flashed to a bunch of naked hippies singing kumbaya on your otherwise empty living room floor, hey, we like how you think, but that’s not exactly what we had in mind. By unity, we mean that no matter what your aesthetic, there has to be a unifying concept to build around. You can work with a single stunning piece and add other things that complement it. For example, you might enjoy pastels, and you might start with a custom upholstered headboard in a fluffy baby blue shag that looks like it was made from Easter bunnies, and from there, it’s a feather boa lampshade in cotton candy pink, and a faux sheepskin rug to keep your toesies warm (because we don’t kill things at teb; only beige do we kill).
Or you can have a single overarching theme, like ‘gothic’ for example, and that too can start with just one piece – we love this plastic chain chandelier – and as you add things, you think to yourself, “Is this goth? Can I make it goth? Does this look like it came from a white sale at The Bay or from the house Edward Scissorhands grew up in?” Paying close attention to questions like these will help you create a unified look throughout your home.
Here are teb’s best ways to #InjectSomeEdge  into your home décor:
Mix textures, shapes and colours when grouping décor items. In the pastels example, don’t stick with one item (such as candles), even if there are variations in the individual sizes and hues; group candles with interesting vases, picture frames and other collectibles, keeping the unity, in this case, with the colour theme.
#InjectSomeEdge  into your dull space by changing up the fabric on the couches and chairs. Bold prints, whether floral, geometric, or Star Wars themed, will dictate the décor of the entire room and become a stunning focal point; you can let your framed prints, wallpaper, rugs, and curtains play with similar elements to unify the room, but let the sofa be king. It is, after all, where we spend all our spare time.
Don’t be afraid of bright colours. The real question on every interior designer’s lips should be: what are they doing in Singapore? You’d be surprised, these folks may freak out over bubblegum on the sidewalk but they have the coolest kitchens we’ve ever seen in terms of not being chickenshit about going for a bold palette. With kitchens like these, we might actually learn to cook as opposed to just opening a bottle of wine and fleeing to the safety of our couch.
What’s the point? Adding your own edge, style and personality to a room! Not sure where to start? Hop on Pinterest. In about two seconds you’ll see a table made out of a giant geode and draped with a wolf pelt (a beige wolf pelt). Don’t be afraid that something is strange, weird or out of the norm; your space is all about you… and you fucking rock, Dude.

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