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I often get asked how many tattoos I have.  The honest answer is, I really am not sure.  Now it’s not because I have so many that I have lost count.  It’s because at one point, some of them were one singular stand alone tattoo that may have been incorporated into another larger tattoo.  So does that count as one big tattoo, or 2 separate tattoos??  How the fuck should I know?

Let’s find out together shall we?  Every Tuesday we will add a new tattoo with a brief little story and images.  I will do my best to put them in the correct order but forgive me if my old brain is a bit foggy at times.  And yes, there is one somewhat revealing tattoo so avert your eyes as to not burn out your cornea.

“I have suffered many addictions throughout my life, I do not consider tattoos as one of them”

Are tattoos addictive?  I don’t think so, no.  They are fun and they are expressive.  I use them as a way to reveal personality traits as well as to heal.  Some of them describe how I feel about myself.  Some of them are a ‘Fuck You’ of sorts.  I have suffered many addictions throughout my life, I do not consider tattoos as one of them.  So no, I don’t think tattoos are addictive.  I think they describe our pain or happiness during certain periods of our lives and they help us to deal with shit.

Which one hurt the most?  You know, they ALL hurt but yes, some areas more than others.  I am not sure the rhyme or reason why one area hurts more then the other, But……….The flanks on my back were a bitch, The elbow was excruciating, my pinky finger has one tiny little star but MAN did that friggin hurt.   But the worst of all so far?  My feet.  Holy Mother of FUCK!!  You will also notice that quite a few are not finished.  I suppose I bore easily and get too excited to move on to the next one.

So sit back and enjoy the journey of ‘Terry’s Tattoos’.

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