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Terry Edward Briceland

Terry is our ‘Pretty Boy’. And by ‘Pretty Boy’ we don’t mean because he is so pretty….which he is by the way…to some….well, to himself. What we mean is, he ensures that everything we make has a fresh and modern vibe while injecting that little ‘flare’ or ‘edge’ that makes a teb product so outstanding. If you have a specific look that you are after, he’s the guy that will figure it out for you and then he’ll ‘kick it up’ a notch…or three.

My love of Fashion and Interior Design developed at a young age.  I have been grinding away at this for over 15 years now and must be doing OK for myself cuz I have been afforded the opportunities to showcase my work on several design shows such as ‘Take This House And Sell It!’, ‘Rooms That Rock’, ‘Design Interns’, ‘Disaster D.I.Y.’, ‘Movie Style’, ‘Cityline’, ‘The Marilyn Denis Show’, ‘Divine Design’ and ‘Candice Tells All’.  Some of my stuff has also been in Home Décor magazines like ‘Canadian Home Trends Magazine’,

 ‘House and Home’ and ‘Style At Home’ with an actual 3 page interview in ‘Sew News Magazine’ where I revealed that I sew in my underwear while listening to loud music.  Me and my big mouth.  I fell into sewing by accident to be honest, I had these old dining room chairs that were way too 80’s looking for me so I decided to slip cover them.  I had a sewing machine in storage that I had received probably 10 years prior to this but had never used.  So I got it out, dusted it off and whipped up some slip covers.  DUDE! for some reason it was super easy and I really actually enjoyed doing it.  So from there I forced my friends to let me make

“Dude, we make awesome crap for your home,

Deal with it!”

curtains and other fabricy things for their places free of charge.  Some looked wicked and some…..meh…would rather not ever see those again.  One of these friends (Hi Jenni-fur-burger!!)  just happened to need an on camera sewer for a television pilot called ‘Designed to Sell’ which later changed its title to ‘Take This House And Sell It!’ and it all just snowballed from there.  Don’t get me wrong, it was frickin hard work and lots of hair pulling and Ramen Noodle dinners (which I still love to this day), but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  But I wouldn’t do it again either. LOL

If I am not in front of the camera or sewing machine, I love watching obscene amounts of T.V., Tattoos and spending time with my daughter, Bryce, who is the love of my life and recently told me that she wants to be an Interior Designer when she grows up. She is 16 now so keep an eye out for her.  She is bound to be frickin amazing at it. *giggle*  Don’t let my gruff, ruff and tumble exterior fool you, I may be covered in tattoos and facial hair but my sense of style is very fresh, clean and modern with a touch of Rock n’ Roll and sparkle for that perfect bit of edge and flair. And I smell good too. *wink wink*

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