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Steven Southgate

Steven brings his vast knowledge and experience of Interior Design to teb Interiors.  Terry and Steven worked together on ‘Divine Design’ as well as after the show ended.  We did the Window treatments, pillows and upholstery for Steven’s private clients as well as his work on the show ‘Love It Or List It’, so when it was time for teb to grow and add an Interior Design division, Steven was who we wanted.  Naturally, we had to promise all sorts of dirty things but hey…it worked. 

From a very young age, I knew I had to do something with my design focused brain.  Not only did I need to approve and lay out all my outfits for the next school day every night before bed, my parents had to put wheels and glides on my bedroom furniture because I was constantly switching it around to ‘Jazz Up’ the place.   I was obsessive about making sure all my bedding matched.  The carpet, wallpaper and pretty much everything else in the room just HAD to match!  I mean, it was the 70’s after all, matching was all the rage.  Later, in my early adult years, I struggled with my career choices and tried a ‘gaggle’ of jobs / careers:  Waterbed Sales, Census Taker as well as the Manager of a clothing store well known for its loud music and sales people dressed completely in black.

During my fun filled early 20’s, I decided that I needed to wrangle this design brain of mine, so off I went to college.   After graduation I went to work with a very high end furniture store, where I learned a lot about fabric, furniture construction and most of all, how to take what a client is asking for and translate that into a space that they will love.  It was also at this furniture store that I had a name change.  My manager decided that ‘Steve’ was not professional enough a name so from then on I became ‘Steven’.  To this day, if you call me Steve you are either part of my family or you knew me from before this new business persona was formed.  Either that or you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’.  Another 70’s reference

“Between you and me?  In my humble opinion I add some class and sophistication to teb, but shhhhh don’t tell them I said so.”

I moved to Toronto shortly after graduation and worked in many different types of design companies which afforded me the opportunity to amass a vast field of knowledge.  And then one day Hollywood called…well the W Network called, and I went to work in Television as the Design Assistant on ‘Divine Design with Candice Olson’.  During my more than 8 years with the show, I went from Design Assistant to Design Supervisor and being in charge of the entire design process for each of the 250 episodes.  It was during those years that I ran into every design dilemma and every construction fumble possible.  So, yeah, I have a huge encyclopedia of design in my head.  So huge in fact, it was getting too heavy so I had it all put on a chip in my brain. Modern technology is a wonderful thing! 

So like I said, over the years, I compiled a vast knowledge of design and construction.  Besides continuing to work with my private clients, I also enjoyed a stint as an Associate Designer on the show ‘Love It or List It’.   So I am always accumulating more and more data into my now GORGANTIC (it’s a word…now) design brain. And that brings us to teb Interiors.  Terry and I go way back to the Divine Design days so I thought, hey, what say I come in and spread my knowledge along with their “awesome crap” and create fully formed complete interiors of all sorts.  So that’s what we are doing. If you see me out and about the town, pull up a chair, I just love to spew my words of wisdom and extensive years of knowledge whether you want to hear it or not!

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