teb-Tested Tips For Wowing Your Guests This Holiday

PS: Size Doesn’t Matter


“Own your space and everything else will fall into place.”

When it comes to holiday dinners, turkey is the culinary equivalent of beige (and we all know how much we hate beige). When cooked it turns the same colour as that hideous wood panelling in the basement dens of our childhood where we went to rest, pants unbuttoned, after eating too much turkey. ENOUGH! We really don’t care what the hell kind of beast or vegetable-based composite you decide to carve up for your guests over the holidays; what we do care about, as a Toronto interior design firm obsessed with making your house look fucking awesome, is making your house look fucking awesome when you have people over. Whether it’s a traditional feast or just an informal gathering with friends from your swingers’ club, here’s how to WOW them before you even take your clothes off.
teb-Tested Tips For Wowing Your Guests This Holiday

It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it…

So you bought the teensy-weensy condo that looked so lovely in the floor plans. The builder let you pick out quartz countertops at no extra charge, and no one has ever used the spiffy ceramic convection oven before you, but surprise, there’s no dining room! And the eat-in kitchen is really your damn quartz countertop with a couple of stools pulled up to it! Don’t cry, you WILL be able to have actual human visitors over for a meal without resorting to eating on the balcony from a communal pot. Just remember to:

  • Have a buffet. Setting up a variety of delicious hors d’oeuvres and eats on your kitchen island, along with a stack of colourful plates, lets people serve themselves then stand and mingle. Tip: Clear off cluttered surfaces so people have somewhere to put their drinks and plates down as they move about.
  • Coffee time! Make the coffee table the focus of your party. Scatter colourful custom made pillows and rugs around so everyone can relax where they choose; instead of a hot plated meal, think about an assortment of delectable bites, cocktails-and-appies, or Oolong and petit fours.
  • Use accessories like tiered serving trays and Lazy Susans to maximize your serving and eating space.

“Obsessed with making your house look fucking awesome for your guests”

…but don’t kid yourself. Size might matter.

If you’ve moved out of the shoebox, you’ve got it made, right? You can invite the whole football team over for chunky soup and not even make a dent in your available space. Unfortunately, the design-challenged don’t think in terms of large scale and end up with a cold, cavernous room suitable for evil geniuses. Do your world domination right – by wowing your friends and family with truly awesome entertaining – employing these teb-tested tips for decorating your great room.

  • Upsize your furniture. If you aren’t a fan of giant leather recliners, don’t despair: here’s your chance to commission larger-sized custom furniture that suits your tastes and personality. You can really play with the upholstery here and create a fab look that anchors the room.
  • Avoid gauze. You want to warm up the room, give those lace curtains to your weird great-aunt and opt for upholstery, drapes and rugs in rich fabrics like wool, raw silk, leather and velvet – even your dining chairs should get this treatment.
  • Create zones. If you want everyone to relax with their drinks first, create cozy groups of comfortable furniture (such as a couple of lush chairs and an ottoman, or a nice upholstered bench or loveseat paired with a high-backed armchair in front of the fireplace) so people can congregate in little clusters before they move across the room to your huge ass dining table and dig into the Tofurkey.

Big or small, your gathering contains one essential, irreplaceable element: YOU. Own your space and everything else will fall into place.

Terry Edward Briceland

The Co-Founder & Creative Dictator of teb Interiors.  Terry is best known from his many appearances on HGTV and W Network television programs.  teb Interiors offers complete Interior Design services plus they specialize in custom sewing and upholstery, servicing throughout the GTA.   The firm is known for its edgy, controversial designs and for creating truly one of a kind show pieces that are guaranteed to get the conversation going.

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