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“We got sh*t to say and we ain’t afraid to say it”


March 04, 2017 marks 10 years clean from Oxycontin.  Something that nearly defeated me, but once again I proved that I am a strong Motherfucker and that if I set my mind to something, you better get the hell out of my way.  I am Fucking Spectacular. This type of...

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1 skull, 2 skulls, 3 skulls… MORE SKULLS!

#InjectSomeEdge Move over, pot pourri, there’s a NEW accessory in town and it is SKULLS! Why so macabre you might ask? We could ask you the same thing, but that’s probably why you’re already here, right? Skulls aren’t just something for Halloween, they’re an integral...

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Living In Colour

#InjectSomeEdge If we can take any lessons from The Wizard of Oz other than the Judy Garland tragedy and the fact that tin is highly susceptible to rust, it’s that life simply must be lived in colour. There’s no two ways about it: colour makes life worth living. After...

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Black ceilings are the bomb!

#InjectSomeEdge Remember when you were a kid and you told your parents repeatedly that you would decorate things SO MUCH LESS LAME and WAY BETTER than they did? Now is your chance my friend, now is your chance. By now you probably have some really cool pieces in your...

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Gettin Gledgy With It

#InjectSomeEdge Nothing should say who you are like your home. Yet often, a home just says the occupant likes to eat a lot of fried fish, or has a cat, or shops like they’re prepping for an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive in Tchotchke. If you love your home but feel...

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Fuck Yeah! Is The New Neutral

#InjectSomeEdge Now that spring has sprung like a leprechaun leaping for a whiskey bottle, everyone is thinking ‘home interior design makeover’, but are we thinking of it in the right way? Here at teb, if we see one more picture of a stand-up desk we’re going to...

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The Man Pillow

#InjectSomeEdge Yes, real men eat quiche, but they also have decorative toss cushions.  It may sound silly, but pillows can show visitors who you are and what your interests might be.  They can reflect your thoughts and opinions and maybe even expose your political...

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BoHo = NoNo

#InjectSomeEdge Someone once asked us why we are such BoHo haters. Though we could basically go on forever – as our dislike of BoHo décor is rivaled only by our dislike of the evil non-colour beige - we can basically distill our feelings into two horrible words:...

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Best ways to #InjectSomeEdge into your home decor

#InjectSomeEdge Spring is in the air, and if you’re looking around at the same bland walls, the same old clutter, the same impassive Cocaine Badger slamming your head down on the same old glass coffee table, it’s probably time for a home makeover. But how can you...

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How to make a room look bigger and sexier

#InjectSomeEdge The ever pondering question of "Does size matter?" Have you seen the little itty-bitty condos developers are selling these days? With square footage prices in Toronto soaring higher than a drag queen during Mardi Gras, you might only be able to afford...

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Tattoos, Race Cars and Happy Little Elves…Oh My

Make your guests oooh and aahh  #InjectSomeEdge "Decorating with personality isn’t a euphemism for clutter" The holidays are coming, and if that makes you want to pretend you’re a Jehovah’s Witness so no one expects you to do anything, you’re…a bit of a weirdo. But...

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I Ain’t Afraid Of No Rugs

We'll have you on your knees kissing carpet #InjectSomeEdge Give us 5 minutes of your time and we’ll have you down on your knees kissing carpet. What are you afraid? Huh? Are you chicken shit or something? Over here at teb we’re all about the base, no treble. We’re...

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Take This Beige And Shove It!

#InjectSomeEdge Uplift dull, beige rooms with vibrant hues and clean, contemporary style! ~ HGTV Sometimes, you gotta ask the people. So, we went out on the street to see what Toronto has to say about BEIGE. “I just love beige!” gushed Nicole*, a teacher’s assistant....

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