Rebecca and Dave came to us on a quest for a new upholstered headboard for their already existing bed.  There was a specific look and style in mind.  Mostly Grey and Yellow and then of course all kinds of pillows and a duvet cover to go with it.

Some initial designs










Boy things sure went in a whole other direction.  We tried picking through all kinds of different fabrics, some were great, some not so much and none were ‘IT’.  In the middle of all this, Dave showed us a picture of a wooden headboard made from reclaimed wood that they liked as well.  hmmmmm.

So we tried to design a wood headboard that also had a fabric element. But that wasn’t cuttin’ it either.  Then we remembered that Rebecca mentioned she really liked one of our own bed designs that incorporated a pair of antlers on the headboard.  (Coming soon to our new line of beds…soon……..I promise) and that she had a pair of antlers at home.

AHA.  And so became the all reclaimed wood headboard design……………with the antlers of course.

NOW it felt right.














So off we went to Urban Tree Salvage here in Toronto.  Turns out they had this really nice Red Pine barn board that came from the old Darlington Mushroom Farm in Bowmanville, Ontario.  PERFECT!!!!

Darlington Mushroom Farm















We liked it because it wasn’t the typical ‘grey’ barn board. We like ‘different’



















First the wood needed to be brush down to remove all the loose debris, then it was top coated to seal it.

Rubbing down some wood


















Brushing on the top coat














Really brings out the woods colours and grain














Cleaned up the antlers a bit and added a coat of paint.















Packed it up and took it on over to Rebecca and Dave’s for install.  They already had a fully upholstered bed so we needed to switch out the existing headboard with the new one.

One board holds the bed back together, then lines up with the rest of the wall mounted headboard















SOOOO Much nicer than what we originally were trying to come up with.  really, really happy with it.

Pre mattress














LOVE all the flaws.























And here it is all gussied up.

***Next week we will show you the SUPER friggin sexy sofa we also did for Rebecca and Dave.   You excited???  I am

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