Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Bringing Home the Zsa Zsa Zsu

 O K, so maybe nothing rhymes with Orange but you certainly can’t deny the fact that it is a colour which infuses an incredible impact in a room as you can tell by this Condo project we did.

The homeowner Dave loves colour but has a particular obsession with Orange.  If you know us, we also love colour so it was an instant match made in heaven.

Orange is awesome, but it can be a bit overwhelming if you add too much so we treaded lightly and slapped hands occasionally when needed, and the result worked perfectly.

We used Orange as a tad more than just an accent but kept it to a minimum.  The biggest piece being the Wyndham Sofa from Design Republic that we had custom wrapped in a burnt Orange fabric from Avant Garde.  Then the rest of the place got hints and accents of Orange sprinkled about like the fabric from Designer Fabrics Outlet on the custom Ottoman / Coffee Table we made for Dave.

We had seen these great wall sconces online that incorporated a magnifying glass but for the life of us could not find them anywhere for purchase……so……in typical teb Interiors fashion, we had them custom made.  They RAWK!!!  They are a perfect mix of Steam Punk vs Harry Potter and create a great industrial contrast with the super modern clean look of the wallpaper.

Then to tie all of that together, we opted for some tubular Edison bulbs for the main chandelier which you have to admit is out-freakin-standing.

So it turns out that Dave has another obsession, Sex & The City.  Yup, he and his Bestie Sarrah watch it on complete rotation focusing mainly on the second movie.     So naturally that just feeds our brains with excitement and creativity and out came the custom SATC Artwork on the Navy Bedroom walls.  Makes me want to go to brunch and hear all about Samantha’s Sexcapades.

“Makes me want to go to brunch and hear all about Samantha’s Sexcapades”

Speaking of the bedroom, we designed the custom wallpaper that was based off the teb Exclusive ‘Don’t Be Jelly’ pillow that was one of Dave’s original inspiration pics he had sent to us.  Dude, how crazy is that wallpaper……seriously!!!!

An amazing complimentary colour to Orange is Blue, so we made that our main colour throughout the space.  The office received a vibrant bright blue and the bedroom got a deep, rich, super dark, almost Black, Navy.

Did you really think I wasn’t going to ‘touch on’ the naked bums?  The Warwick Rowers are an awesome Rowing Team that publishes a naked calendar annually.  Dave picked out his favourite images from the current calendar and had them properly framed so he could have some distraction from work when in the office.

We had such a great time creating this space for Dave, twas a labour of love that is dripping in colour and sexy bums!  And as the tea towels says “GO BIG (or go fuck yourself)”.

Shout Outs:

Concept and Design – teb Interiors

Styling – Steven Southgate and Jacqueline Gignac

Photography - Stephani Buchman Photography and teb Interiors



Sex & The City Artwork – teb Interiors and Nuvango

Custom Wallpaper – teb Interiors and Media Marksmen

Custom Wall Sconces – Jose Torres

Custom Storage Bed – Design by teb Interiors construction by BUILT Toronto

Storage Bed Fabric – JF Fabrics

Custom Pillow – Don’t Be Jelly – teb Interiors

Custom Draperies in Men’s Suiting Fabric – teb Interiors

Floating Night Stands – CB2


Living Room

Custom Built-in Media Unit – Design Republic

Wyndham Sofa – Design Republic

Sofa Fabric – Avant Garde Fabrics

Custom Dhurrie Carpet – Weaver & Loom

Custom Ottoman – teb Interiors

Ottoman Fabric – Designer Fabrics Outlet

Chandelier – Design Republic

Custom Pillow – Big Fish In A Little Pond – teb Interiors

Dripping Paint Artwork – teb Interiors and Nuvango

Dining Table – Design Republic

Dining Chairs – Design Republic

Side Table – CB2



Custom Built-in Desk – Design Republic

Custom Flamboro Office Chair – teb Interiors

Flamboro Chair Fabric – Designer Fabrics Outlet

Gold Dinosaurs – Jacqueline Gignac

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