Love, Nana

15″ x 22-1/2″


Every Sunday Victor would make the long trek out of town to visit his Nana in the old folk’s home his parents had put her in 4 years earlier.  Growing up Victor was extremely close to his Nana; in fact some would say that they were inseparable, so for him the long drive was worth it.  He loved to sit side by side with her, holding her hand as they reminisced about the old days and all the silly shenanigans Victor used to get up to as a child.

On today’s drive however, he was a bit on the nervous side as Victor had noticed a change in his Nana during their last few visits together.  She had become distant and quiet.  She no longer sat beside him so he could hold her hand.  Instead she sat in the side chair across from him and worked diligently……in fact almost angrily, on her most recent needlepoint project.  Well today is Sunday and he is making the journey to see his Nana and he is determined to break her out of this funk she seems to be in.  He wants what little time he has left with her to be filled with fond memories and laughs.

However, when he arrived at the home, he didn’t see his Nana anywhere, in fact no one had seen her since last night’s supper.  He made his way over to their usual spot, a large over stuffed sofa in the common lounge area, and noticed a pillow on that very sofa that he hadn’t noticed before.  There was a note as well that simply read.



Nana…where are you?






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