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Leslie has been a client of ours for a couple of years now and we just adore her.  Not only because she “lets me” sneak into her house and take bubble baths when she is not home, but because she LOVES colour and gosh darn it, she is not afraid to use it as you will see.  She is reading this as well so everybody wave and say “Hi Leslie!”
One of our main design objectives when working with our clients is to ensure that in one way or another, there is an element of ‘different’.  Something that is out of the norm, that stands out and makes people say “OH SHIT! Now THAT is cool”.   Maybe it’s even weird or strange.  Something in the room that says ‘teb Interiors’ because let’s face it, that is why people come to us, for the weird and strange. Leslie was already well on her way with the décor in her home.  She has very bright, bold colour choices that exude confidence and femininity.  But now it was time to finish off the dining area and built in seating was on the agenda, but she wasn’t sure how or what.

She needed lots of seating but with a nice ‘loungy’ feel so we included a corner chaise portion that doubles as a reading nook as well as storage with a secret pull out drawer at the foot. The bright electric teal of the rich antiqued Velvet upholstery was extracted from elements elsewhere in the house and then deep tufted for an added feel of opulence.

We knew we wanted a heavier presence in the room to ground the space and add that element of ‘Industrial found object’, so we built some custom table tops with reclaimed barn board surrounded by a raw metal frame which we then filled with a thick coat of clear resin.

For some additional seating and to infuse a little pattern in the space, new chair frames were selected and sprayed the same colour as the built in banquette. Then Leslie selected a Chenille stripe that incorporates all the colours that can be found in her home.  This helps marry the open concept of her Living and Dining Spaces and gives it an even flow throughout.
There wasn’t a need for light control or privacy and we certainly weren’t lacking in colour, so we kept the window treatments on the more subtle side with roman blinds out of a great linen with a metallic pattern from Designer Fabrics.

Nothing cozies up a space better than a whole whack of soft cushy pillows.  We selected a number of luxurious textiles from JFFabrics that incorporate all the colours in Leslie’s home.  Playing off the metallic of the window treatment fabric, we also used linen from Designer Fabrics that is coated with a sliver metallic finish and balanced it off with pillows out of a Fuchsia fun fur.

Custom elements are the utmost way to ensure that your personality shines through in your home. You don’t need to customize everything like we did here, but at least one piece that only you have and exudes your charm and charisma.  Even just that one custom piece will help break you away from the cookie cutter style of pre-fab and make sure everyone sees just how fab YOU are Gurl!!! mm-hmm *SNAP*

Photo Credit

Artistic Director

Furniture Design & Execution

Fabrics Design Fabrics designerfabrics.ca

  • Banquette – Teal Antiqued Velvet
  • Window Treatments - Ottoman col. Cc#14 Silver / Oyster 31978
  • Chairs – Multi Coloured Striped Chenille
  • Metallic Pillow – Metallic col. Twilight
  • Fuchsia Fun Fur Pillow – Pink Fun Fur

JF Fabrics jffabrics.com

  • Embroidered Circles Pillow – Broiderie 58J6711
  • Green Satin with Purple bursts – Abner 74J6481


  • Custom by teb Interiors & Jeff Turner Photography


  • Custom by teb Interiors


  • Custom by teb Interiors


  • Custom by teb Interiors


Terry Edward Briceland

The Co-Founder & Creative Dictator of teb Interiors.  Terry is best known from his many appearances on HGTV and W Network television programs.  teb Interiors offers complete Interior Design services plus they specialize in custom sewing and upholstery, servicing throughout the GTA.   The firm is known for its edgy, controversial designs and for creating truly one of a kind show pieces that are guaranteed to get the conversation going.

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