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Geek is the new black


Comic books aren’t just for pre-pubescent boys anymore.  Geeks, Freaks and Superheroes are trending BIG TIME these days.  No more are the nerds hiding in the shadows from fear of being stuffed into their lockers.  Nerd-dome is upon us and it’s AMAZING!!  So put on your wizard cape, step onto the ledge and shout “I LOVE SCIENCE, READING & VIDEO GAMES!”

This Queen Street Loft is nothing short of spectacular.  It’s sleek, it’s sophisticated and it’s ‘Cheeky’ with it’s splashes of Comic Book references.  This homeowner is a Superhero in his own right.  His name you ask?  ‘Loft Dweller’ -  Manages stock portfolio’s on Bay Street by day…relaxes in front of the TV in his newly decorated Bedroom by night.  OK, OK, so not a ‘traditional’ style Superhero…so sue me.

“Geek is the new Black”

Shout Outs:

Design & Styling -  Terry Edward Briceland, Steven Southgate & Sarah Farley

teb Interiors - (Furniture Design & Execution - Matthew Adams) Draper Bed, Pillows, Marquee Star Light Fixture

Design Republic - Comic Oracle Dresser, Feather Chair, Vintage Stool, Decorative Skull, Cord Lights with Tinto Light Shades, Carpet

CB2 - Versus Galvanized Trunks - Blue/Green & Mint, Mahalo Quilt - Blue/Green, Rocket Silver Candle holders

Denial Art - Artwork- True Romance, Long Distance Reality and Pop Can


Wanna Know More?

teb Interiors

201W-639 Queen Street West

Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2B7


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