The Bang Bang-ladesh Bed

We were looking to make something really different and it sure seems like we’ve accomplished that with this bed.  Sticking with that big trend of the ‘found object’, we made this headboard to look and feel like an old Armoire with distressed finishes on the outside, but internally

it’s all lush, plush and tufted in new fabrics.  As we were designing the headboard portion, it was giving us a sense of ‘India’ so to enhance that, we added the Ganesh image to the inside of the Armoire doors.  The foot and side rails are supported by Ball and Claw-foot legs.  Who wouldn’t want to curl up in this?

  • Hand-crafted, old world style Armoire with a flavour of India
  • Individually controlled lighting
  • Ganesh imagery applied to inside of Armoire doors
  • Side and top enclosure adds a sense of comfort and sound control
  • Detail moulding surrounding bed frame can be stained or painted in any colour to coordinate with your fabric
  • Ball and Claw legs can be stained or painted in any colour to coordinate with your fabric
  • Available in Double, Queen or  King
  • Our beds are precision drilled, doweled, glued, and clamped to provide superior strength and durability
  • Each bed is manufactured to the customer’s specific needs with regards to mattress dimensions and desired mattress height
  • All beds are built around solid wood frames
  • Solid surface mattress support system helps maintain its integrity, as well as the mattress manufacturer’s warranty
  • All teb Beds are fully customizable
  • Headboard can be sold as a stand-alone product to attach to your existing bed frame

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