#9 Affected

Circa 2009 (January)
42 Years Old

From here on in, the tattoos become more personal and more descriptive of ‘ME’.  This weeks tattoo also introduces Eds.  Eds has had his hands on parts of my body that most of my boyfriends have never even seen let alone touched.  LOL.  Sorry about that Eds. No Homo.  I have always been a bit of an Emo.  I love my dark, spooky, self hating & loathing music.  I am also a huge fan of movies and TV Shows that expose the dysfunctional side of people.  In fact, I would say it is hands down my most favourite Genre.  For instance, without hesitation, I can tell you that my most favourite movie of all time is ‘Running With Scissors’.

It is based on the memoir of the same name by Augusten Burroughes which I have read at least 6 times and watched the movie more than 30.  There have been numerous occasions while I was deep, deep inside my Oxycontin spiral that I watched this movie 3 times in one day.  I can’t specifically say exactly what it is about this movie that I so deeply relate to, but I relate to it in many ways and quite intensely.  Especially the crazy Mother part.  She didn’t send me to live with her psychiatrist like in the movie, but she might as well have.  But that’s a story for the Memoir…..coincidentally titled ‘Affected’.

“Eds has had his hands on parts of my body that most of my boyfriends have never even seen let alone touched.”

If you ever see me out walking around, I will bet you all the tea in China that I have my headphones on.  I will also have an extra pair in my bag in case the ones I have on run out of battery (Bluetooth earbuds).  I will probably not acknowledge you because I will not notice you.  I am lost in my own world playing little movies inside my head that coordinate to whatever song I am listening to.  On more than one occasion, I have been sitting on the streetcar, vision blurred from the tears bubbling from my eyes because of some scenario I have concocted in my head enhanced by the background music of the song thumping in my earbuds.  At times it’s super sad but others it’s invigoratingly sincere and positive.  Either way, I have this crazy imagination that allows me to do this and I just adore that about me.

I have a very addictive personality, I have admitted this time and time again.  One of my addictions is TV.  I watch a crazy amount of TV.  I have this weird ability to absorb myself into the lives of the people on the screen and I begin to feel like I actually know them.  This is mostly notable on shows that use music to evoke emotion.  Shows like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are at the forefront of this.  I have discovered SO many new bands and favourite songs simply because of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  I am extremely ‘Affected’ by my environment.  I am easily ‘Affected’ by music.  If I am feeling really shitty for any reason, I can adjust that by slipping on my headphones or losing myself in one of my shows and becoming a part of THEIR family even if just for 42 minutes.  That is what this tattoo means to me.

You can check out Eds on Instagram and he appears for at least 7 more weeks on 'Terry's Tattoos Tuesdays' PLUS we have a tentative date set (early August 2016) for some more work so we will see what comes from that.

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