#8 The Lean, Mean Sewing Machine

Circa 2007
41 Years Old

I was really making a name for myself in the “Home Decor” world both on and off television and I knew that this is what I was meant to do for the rest of my life.  So to commemorate that, I wanted a permanent reminder and inspiration to keep me going through the rough patches and make sure I didn’t give up…….and as you can see, I stuck to my guns. Oh believe me, there were times when I should have given up and even a few times where I did in fact give up.

There were a few evictions from apartments, Phone and hydro shut offs.   It was super hard trying to maintain my rent and bills and food…..oh…and my severe addiction to Oxycontin didn’t help matters much either. BUT, I persevered and always came back to it and I am so grateful that I did.  I wouldn’t change any of those bad times BTW, it is what molded me into who I am today and I gotta say…I am pretty ‘Fucking Spectacular’ (This mantra tattoo in the comings weeks…watch for it)

“oh…and my severe addiction to Oxycontin didn’t help matters much either.”

OK, back to the tattoo, My old friend Greg is a great artist so I approached him to draw something up for me that represented who I was.  I was still riding my motorcycle back then and I have always been into that 70’s hot rod t-shirt style and design.  My Dad was a Drag Racer when I was growing up so I was always around that environment which has influenced a lot of my design work over the years.   So Greg took that Hot Rod inspiration and Frankensteined it with a Sewing Machine and VOILA!!   My Lean, Mean Sewing Machine.

I went back to Gen who started my sleeve as she was back in town from Australia.  She did an amazing job at transcribing it onto my arm and I was in LOVE!!!   However………..the next day or so would turn into the worst tattoo infection I ever had.  If you check out the images below, you can see how bright friggin red it got.  It was so bad that if you held your hand even 6 inches away from it, you could feel the heat coming off of it.  UGH.  So because of the infection, the finished result is a faded cracked mess.  🙁

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