#7 The Sleeve

Circa 2005 - 2012
39 to 46 Years Old

Out of the office world and smack dab in the middle of shooting 2 TV shows (Take This House & Sell It! plus ‘Rooms That Rock’) AND on the cusp of a break-up…..FUCK IT…time to go big.  It was time for full ass colour and even more visible.   The main inspiration and theme was the break up.  I wanted flames to represent the burning away of old shit

and lots of flowers to show newness and beauty amongst the ugly.  I found Gen.   She was here in Toronto from Australia only for the summer and we hit it off immediately.  She free handed all the drawings and we were off.  I was dead set on having Orchids and turned out that Gen had always wanted to tattoo Orchids so it was a match made in tattoo heaven.

“This was not the last of the infections by the way…nor was it the worst.”

My final goal is to have a full sleeve with very minimal skin showing.  Again the flames to represent the burning of the old and ugly, with lots of flowers for newness and beauty all on a backdrop that starts off as a dark sky with stars and planets that slowly fades up to a bright blue sky up at the shoulders.  There have been many starts and re-starts of this sleeve tattoo over the years and as you can see, it still isn’t done.  This was also my very first infection from a tattoo.

The big red Orchid right by my inner elbow got extremely infected.  So bad so that at one point, there were full-on craters on my arm filled with ooze and puss.   And because it was infected, I had to take anti-biotics and leave it uncovered as it healed.  SO at times if you happen to catch an episode of ‘Rooms That Rock’, there are scenes where you can see the infected flower.  Pretty friggin gross.  This was not the last of the infections by the way…nor was it the worst.

Below you will see an image of a sexy Mother Fucker working on the sleeve.  That is Julian.  Julian and I used to work on Divine Design together and now he is mastering his craft of tattooing.  He updated some of the Orchids with colour and added the star and Peony on my elbow. There is more of Julian to come in the weeks ahead.

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