#6 The Back Tattoo

Circa 2004
38 Years Old

From here on in, they start to multiply much faster.  They also grow in size and start to appear in more obvious and visible places on my body.  I was no longer working in the corporate office world and was on my own struggling to make it as ‘The Sewing Guy’.  By this time I was  filming ‘Take This House & Sell It!’ and sky rocketing my way to mediocrity.

I was also in the middle of getting my kitchen cupboards painted hence to mess and missing cupboard doors.  There really wasn’t much of a ‘meaning’ behind this tattoo.  I just wanted to move on to something large.  I also stuck with the tribal vibe as well as the Sun theme but added a couple of Chinese dragons emerging from smoke for good measure.

“I get bored easily, especially with my tattoos.”

Today, this tattoo looks exactly the same.  Well……maybe a bit older, faded and saggier, but I never did add to it or even finish it.  I get bored easily, especially with my tattoos.  Well not bored per se, but I get really excited for the next one.  Once I have invested hours of pain into one tattoo, I am ready to move on to the next whether or not the current one is done.

I am willing to bet this lends itself well to why I am so violently single.  *shrug*  Whatevs.  I am a fucking catch!!!  Another reason I never continued with this tattoo is because it’s on my back and I never see it so I forget that it’s even there.  On paper, I do want to go back and finish working on it….but in reality, I really don’t foresee that happening. Again…. *shrug*  Whatevs.

**These images are actually from 2004…Just wanted to explain why I have a choker on.

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