#5 Tribal Sun & Arm Band

Circa 1999
33 Years Old

Quickly after the last tattoo in 1998 see here , I was ready to keep going and add some more ink.  It was the end of the nineties and at this time tribal tattoos were all the rage and who doesn’t want to be part of the rage?  Custom tattoos were also becoming more and more mainstream but they were too expensive so I stuck with picking from the wall again.

Since tribal was on trend, there were many options to pick from.  I knew I wanted an arm band and something for my shoulder as well.  Arm bands were also the ‘In Thing’ at the time so naturally I was all over that. HOWEVER, I had heard from many people that the spot just under your upper arm is a bitch to tattoo.  As in really painful.  Go ahead, give yourself a pinch on the skin just at your underarm…hurts don’t it?

“And if you have a problem with that and wanna call me a wimp,  be my guest Mother Fucker”

I am the first to admit that I am a huge pussy when it comes to pain.  It has gotten even worse after recovering from pain killer addiction.  I have to take 4 extra strength Advil now just to get rid of a headache.   But even back then, I would avoid any discomfort as best I could.  I did however try and brave it by letting Shane, The Tattoo Artist try and slowly make his way to this extra sensitive area but I didn’t last.

If I were to try and translate the feeling to you…I would say it felt like someone was holding a lit cigarette to the spot.  NOPE!!!  Not for me.   My goal now is to someday have a complete sleeve with very little skin showing on my arm, all except this one spot under my arm.  And if you have a problem with that and wanna call me a wimp,  be my guest Mother Fucker.

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