#4 Beauty

Circa 1998
32 Years Old

There was a large gap of time between this tattoo and the last.  Why?  Dunno.  Don’t remember.  Doesn’t matter so stop asking dumb questions.  Regardless, it was time to get a new tattoo and this time I wanted to be a bit more bold about it.  Something larger and in a place where it would be more visible.  One of my ‘Baby Mamas’, Heather, has a sister named Tricia who was visiting town and she wanted to do something fun.  So we grabbed my friend Steve and the three of us headed out into the city for some action.

We found a tattoo shop and decided to go on in and each of us get a tattoo.  At the time it was a big trend to get Chinese or Japanese calligraphy tattoos and I really liked this new trend so I decided that’s the path I would take.  My plan was to, over time, get 3 tattoos in Chinese calligraphy.  Each meaning / representing something that I love.  Those three things are Beauty, Honesty and Selflessness.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that I am all of these things, but they are things that I like and/or admire.

“Are you sure it doesn’t say “Beef and Broccoli?”

Beauty should seem like an obvious choice for me as I am surrounded by it in my work.  Honesty is definitely something that I strive for in myself and expect of others.  Selflessness is a hard one to stick to I find.  There are times in life where we should really be selfish but if we can make sure it doesn’t affect anyone in a negative way….then what the fuck right?  Needless to say, my overall plan wasn’t fully realized and I only got the ‘Beauty’ tattoo that day.  Admittedly, of the three, ‘Beauty’ is by far my favourite thing in life so I am glad it was that one that transpired.

I am sure some of you are wondering to yourself “Ya but are you sure that it does actually say ‘Beauty’?  Are you sure it doesn’t say “Beef and Broccoli?”  I am.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to show it to people who understood or read Chinese and they all confirmed that in fact it literally translates to ‘Beautiful’ but can be used more in the context I wanted it as ‘Beauty’.  Oh, also my friend Steve decided spur of the moment that he was going to get both of his nipples pierced forgetting that he was wearing overalls (Hey, it was the ‘Grunge’ 90’s) so the buckles were snagging his freshly impaled nipples all the way home.  LOL.  Oh Steve.

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