#3 Pookie

Circa 1987
21 Years Old

A nickname that has followed me around since high school is ‘Ter Bear’.  The first person to ever call me that was my friend Jamie back when she and I were 16 years old.  Over the years many more people have caught on to it (Mostly girls) and it has grown into many different incarnations such as Terry Beary, Terry Bear & eventually just ‘Bear’ (This was long before calling us big, burly, hairy, gay guys ‘Bears’ was a thing and way before the ‘Bears’ became the cool kids on the block).

I was itching to get another tattoo so I decided to get one that represented my nickname at the time.  Immediately I reverted back to thoughts of the Winnie the Pooh tattoo that I had wanted last time (See this post here for the story on that) so off I went.  Scouring the wall of selections, again there was no Winnie the Pooh.  DAMN.  However…………..there was a little tiny little Teddy Bear, Garfield’s Teddy Bear ‘Pookie’ to be exact.  DONE DEAL!!!!

“This was long before calling us big, burly, hairy, gay guys ‘Bears’ was a thing…”

Fun Fact:  Some of the girls from back in the day STILL call me ‘Ter Bear’ and ‘Bear’ (Denise & Lara) but unfortunately a new nickname evolved that haunts me.  ‘Poopie’ is how it started, but then changed to ‘Pooper’ and just plain old ‘Poop’ (Heather).  This came from back when my daughter’s Mothers were first dating.  They were all over each other no matter where we were so I used to bitch and moan and call them ‘Shmoopie’ & ‘Whoopie’ ala that Seinfeld episode (you’re Shmoopie….no YOU’RE Shmoopie…..UGH).   So they said ‘Well then what is your name?” and I replied JOKINGLY “I am just plain old ‘Poopie” *shrug* *shuffle feet*,  and now I can’t get rid of it.  All my text messages from them start with “Hey Poop….” UGH   Lesbians…..  *eye roll* 

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