#2 Thumper

Circa 1984
18 Years Old

Now 18 years old, I once again snuck downtown (this time on my own) for my next tattoo.  I knew what I wanted and *fingers crossed* they had it to pick from, from the wall.  My inspiration came from a dirty magazine I had hidden under my waterbed mattress.  There was this guy that had a tattoo in his ‘down there’ area.  It was Winnie the Pooh sitting on the ground holding 3 balloons.  The decision was made.  Of course I’ve never told anyone where I had originally seen this tattoo but that’s not important to the story.

I got myself to the subway and found the place out near Greenwood subway station.  Heart pounding with nerves and excitement, I made my way through the door.  I perused the wall of selection (still back in the day when you just picked from a roster of images on the wall) but was soon disappointed that there was no Winnie the Pooh like I wanted.  UGH.  Now what?  Oh wait!!!  Whats that one there?  If I can’t have what I came in for, then I am more than happy to leave with that one right there, please.

“My inspiration came from a dirty magazine I had hidden under my waterbed mattress”

I made my way to the counter.  So I need to describe him to you.  He was tall, lanky, leather vest, long ZZ-Top beard, cigarette in his mouth and his voice was deep and raspy like he was gargling with dirt.  Oh, and he only had one leg but didn’t have a prosthetic or use a cane.  He just ‘hopped’ wherever he needed to go.

So there I am, 18, scared shitless, hair all feathered and a conk shell choker. I look him straight in the eye and say “I would like that Thumper from Bambi but in pink on my…………..bum please” *gulp*.  He sighed and rolled his eyes then led me to the back hopping on his one leg.  I am sure he was swearing up a storm in his head as I lay there with my super flat ass out for him to have to touch for the next hour or so.  *shrug*.

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