#19 Master & Balance

Circa 2016 (August)
49 Years Old

In a previous post The Hammer, The Anvil & The Stirrup…OH MY, I told you about my hearing loss.  It’s something I seemed to have always had.  I can’t be sure if it is from any sort of abuse or loud music over the years.  My Dad also has 2 hearing aids so it could be hereditary. Turns out that it is mostly higher pitched sounds that I can’t hear…like female voices….coincidence?? hmmm.

Regardless, I have a mild to moderate hearing loss and that’s all there is to it.  I can hear you, but I may not be able to piece together what exactly it is that you are actually saying to me.  So back in 2009 I got a tattoo to represent this.  It’s of the 3 bones in the ear but they have sparking wires coming out of them to show that they are ‘broken’.

“Turns out that it is mostly higher pitched sounds that I can’t hear…like female voices….coincidence?? hmmm.”

When I first had my hearing checked and officially got the verdict, the left ear was worse than the right.  They both had a loss but it was more significant on the left side.  As the years have gone by, the right side caught up and actually may have even passed the left (not that it’s a race).  So it was time to represent.

Taking the old style master and balance controls from a vintage guitar amp, I had Eds tattoo my very first ‘Photo-realistic’ tattoo.  The master is turned down to about 3 and the balance is set just ever so lightly off to the right.  I do have my hearing aids from my friends at Union Hearing to help bring everything back to ‘normal’ but I don’t always wear them so forgive me if I say ‘What?” a lot when you are trying to talk to me.

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