#18 Feet On Ground

Circa 2016 (March)
49 Years Old

Which tattoo hurt the most is a question I get asked a lot.  I can now say that unequivocally it is this one.  The feet.  Initially it was the dragons on my back.  Then it was the Peony on my elbow YIKES!!!   then the little star on my pinky was the most painful to date.    And then I got my feet done.   Man oh man.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am now at a phase where I cannot get a tattoo without using my Hush Numbing Gel and Spray.  Just ain’t gonna happen my friend.  You put the gel on the area and wrap it tightly in plastic and let it sit for an hour.

Then you are good to go for anywhere between 2 to 3 hours.  Then once the skin is broken and the gel starts to wear off, you use the spray to extend the numbness for a while longer.  Even with all this, at BEST,  I can go maybe 4 hours…tops!.   Ed’s is back doing this tattoo for me and he is a master at typography.  So much so that he just freehands the design in Sharpie right onto your skin.  Which is freakin awesome BUT it takes time.  And you can’t put the numbing gel on after cuz it will erase all the hard work he just did.

“Even with all this, at BEST,  I can go maybe 4 hours…tops!”

By the time we got to the actual tattooing, we had used up a good portion of the numb time. I was already well aware that the feet are among one of the more painful areas to tattoo but figured I would be fine with my trusty numbing gel….and I was for a bit.   Once that starting wearing off, we were just barely half way.  The numbing spray was the only thing that got me to the end, but even with that spray……holy shit man.   Not fun.  I was a trooper though and controlled my breathing and white knuckled it all the way to the finish line.


Walking was tricky for the next couple of days and had my feet wrapped and bound up like a Geisha.  This tattoo is the next phase of an overall bigger concept.  Last weeks episode was about the first phase #17 Just Be Yourself where I explained about my obsession with Jann Arden and the lyrics / Mantra from her song ‘Good Mother’.  So, here it is for all to see.   Now I just need to design and decide placement of the other 2 lines ‘Heart In Hand’ & ‘Facing Forward’.   UGH!  When will it end?  LOL

Check out my Jann Arden Playlist 'An Egg Salad Sandwich' on Spotify

An Egg Salad Sandwich

Feet on ground
Heart in hand
Facing forward
Be yourself
Just be yourself
Just be yourself

You can check out Eds on Instagram BUT sadly, he appears for only one more round of ‘Terry’s Tattoos Tuesdays’…well, for now.

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