#17 Just Be Yourself

Circa 2016 (January)
49 Years Old

One of my favourite musicians of all time is Jann Arden.  She is an outstanding Canadian Singer/Songwriter and she’s fuckin funny AF.   If you ever get the chance to see her live…GO!!…If not only for the music, but for the little stories she tells in between the sets.  Her music will make you cry from Angst and her stories will make you cry from laughter.  Once she even had a slideshow of old family photos to show us.  Hilarious.   Back in the early 90’s, she was already gaining some traction with her first CD and I had heard a few of the songs and liked them, but I wasn’t completely sold yet.

Then she released her second CD ‘Living Under June’ and I happened to see the video for the latest release at that time ‘Good Mother’ and that was it.  I was hooked.  I immediately went out and bought both of her CD’s (She has since released more than 10) and became somewhat obsessed with her.  When I have a favourite Band or Musician, I like to listen to everything they have made and make my own compilation of ‘The Best Of’.  I Call them ‘**Enter Artist Name** My Faves.  HOWEVER, the one I made for Jann Arden is called ‘An Egg Salad Sandwich’.

“Before I left the table, there was no way in hell I was getting away without an autograph…she wrote “Terry, once you told me you loved me and now you won’t even make me an egg salad sandwich””

Why?  Well, one night many, many years ago, I was at home relaxing on a Sunday evening when I got a call from my friend Danny.  Now Danny knew better than to call me on a Sunday after 4 cuz I ain’t answering or going anywhere, but this was different.  He told me that I better get my ass over to the local bar ‘Slack Alice’ because Jann Arden was there.  It’s Sunday, I am lazy and I bet Danny was just saying that to get me out of the apartment.  UGH!!!  Fine!  I will go over.  I walked in, sat at the booth with Danny and said “OK, where is she you liar?”   He pointed and said “Right there”.   Well holy shit.  There she was sitting with some friends having drinks with a big furry hunters cap on.

After some liquid courage I got up the nerve to go over and say hi.  She invited me to have a seat and have a beer with her (I think she was still drinking at this point…she has a very documented, shady past with alcohol).  So I sat and hung out with her for a while and talked and laughed and it was amazing.  Before I left the table, there was no way in hell I was getting away without an autograph…she wrote “Terry, once you told me you loved me and now you won’t even make me an egg salad sandwich”.  So that playlist is the ‘Egg Salad Sandwich’ that I made for Jann Arden.  You can check it out in my playlists here on Spotify.

“Make sure to listen to the story named ‘Very Quick Story - Live /w VSO'”

I have always had a connection with her song ‘Good Mother’.   Not because I had a good mother…in fact I had the complete opposite but that story is being saved for the memoir.  LOL.   It’s one of the verses from that song that has always resonated with me.

So I am going to have one tattoo for each line in some form or another and yes I realize I started with the last one but there was a reason for that.  I went through a tough time back in January (boys fuckin suck!!) and this was just that little reminder to myself to make sure that I stick to my guns.

**next week is the second tattoo that goes with this.**

Check out my Jann Arden Playlist 'An Egg Salad Sandwich' on Spotify

An Egg Salad Sandwich

Feet on ground
Heart in hand
Facing forward
Be yourself
Just be yourself
Just be yourself

This tattoo was done by my friend Julian Goddard.  We worked together on Divine Design so go back a ways.
You can check out Julian on Instagram and at his shop here in Toronto Lucky 13 Tattoos Toronto.

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