#16 The teb Brass Knuckles

Circa 2015 (March)
48 Years Old

**UPDATED** June 29, 2017
50 Years Old


Here is yet another tattoo that is not finished.  To this day, it still looks exactly as it does in the image gallery below.  I have a number of tattoos that are not ‘finished’.  And they are not ‘finished’ at different levels of ‘not finished-ness’.  Some are just an outline waiting to be coloured in (My Back) while a couple of them have some of the shading done but still need a bit more work to finish them off (The Sleeve & Fucking Spectacular).
It’s not because I am bored with it necessarily, or that I regret it or no longer like it, I just tend to get more excited about the NEXT tattoo.  I get bored with the idea of going back to something that I have already done work on and am more excited about the new idea in my head.  There is also the very low pain tolerance I have developed from pain killer addiction as well as just plain old age.
“So sitting still while someone gouges a pulsating needle across my skin is just not in the cards for me anymore.”
In one sense I want these really large, awesome, inspirational tattoos…but I am not able to sit through them in one sitting anymore like I used to be able to.  I can maybe get to 4 hours but that’s pushing it.  And even 4 hours is not possible with the help of my favourite numbing gel, Hush.  Dude, seriously.   This stuff works.  I have tried the ‘over the counter’ product called Emla, but it just didn’t work well enough or last long enough.
From the years of abusing pain killers, I now need to take like 3 or 4 Extra Strength Advil and cross my fingers that it will relieve even the slightest of headaches.  So sitting still while someone gouges a pulsating needle across my skin is just not in the cards for me anymore.  I don’t care what anyone says.  Getting tattooed fucking hurts.  period.  For some people that’s just part of the experience and to you sir, a tip of my hat.  For myself…….numb the fuck out of me please!!
OK, back to the actual tattoo.  Why the brass knuckles you ask?  Well, if you have been following along with teb Interiors over the years, you will have noticed the use of the brass knuckles in our branding.  We use it on our website, on all of our social media platforms and we have even gone so far as to have some custom made to use as our own handles for displaying fabrics.  If I am anything, I am about a ‘vibe’….a ‘feeling’….a ‘look’.  We have spent YEARS on our brand and developing and ‘curating’ our look.  We have battled with marketing and PR people (that we were paying by the way) as they tried to convince us that we need to “ease it up a bit”.
They told us to lose the “we make awesome crap for your home”.  They told me to stop dropping F-bombs on Facebook.  You know what I say that…Fuck YOU!!!  Obviously we haven’t changed any of that and have ZERO intention of ever loosing that image we spent so much time building.  I feel a kinship with our look and feel.  I think it really resonates who we are….Actually, I shouldn’t speak for anyone else…it really resonates with who I am.  If you look through our website, you really get an authentic ‘vibe’ of who we truly are, what we are trying to accomplish and how we actually look.  I think it actually LOOKS like us.
“So of COURSE I got a friggin teb Brass Knuckles tattoo!!   DUH!!”
You can check out Eds on Instagram and he appears for 2 more weeks on ‘Terry’s Tattoos Tuesdays’ but next week’s tattoo, we pop back over to Julian.

***UPDATE FROM JUNE 29, 2017***

It has been a while since we last visited Terry’s Tattoos Tuesdays because, well….I hadn’t gotten any new or updated tattoos…..until now.  I was itching for some new ink but was also getting tired of starting brand new tattoos without finishing tattoos that had already been started but weren’t finished yet.

Trust me, it took all I had to force myself to stick to my guns and continue work on an older tattoo.  It’s not as exciting as a brand, shiny new tattoo.  But I prevailed and continued on to get more work done on my left calf.

This time Eds came to my house……..now I feel like a Kardashian.  LOL.

The good thing about getting my tattoos done at home is that I have all the luxuries right there including getting some Playstation VR in.   Eds had never tried it before so I set him up on the new game Farpoint so he could get in there and blast away at the giant alien spiders.

This also gives me time to relax while the Hush numbing gel does it stuff.  thank god  for that stuff I tell ya.  In the end we did 2-1/2 hours and I don’t think I could have taken any more.   If it weren’t for that numbing gel, I probably wouldn’t have lasted more than 45 minutes.

“Now I feel like a Kardashian”

You can check out Eds on Instagram

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