#14 Fuck Off

Circa 2014 (July)
47 Years Old

Whether you “know me” know me, or you just know me from Social Media…you know that I am not one to shy away from the use of profanity.  I loves me some F-bombs.  Even in a professional setting, if you are coming to me to talk design or business, you are probably expecting a few swear words here and there.  It’s just who I am…who I have always been…and who I will always be.

And if you think I am bad, you should hear my Mother.  For as long as I can remember, the woman who gave birth to me has spoken like a Truck Driver that was previously a Sailor in The Navy.  There was never any holding back, especially in fits of anger.  “Mother fucking, cunt, bitch cock sucking mother fucker!!”.  Yup, she could curse you out like no other.  So I suppose it’s not surprising that A) I swear a lot…and B) I am REALLY fucking good at it.

“I like to think of myself as a part Chelsea Handler, part Tabatha Coffey with a splash of Gordon Ramsey and a pinch of Amy Schumer.”

To me, they are just words that help to get many different types of emotions across.  They can really help to drive your point home.  Whether that is a happy positive point or an angry, frustrated one, throwing a ‘Fuck’ or a ‘shit’ in there, can accelerate your disdain for someone or even add that little extra bit of passion you have been feeling about a certain fella.  Check out this video. It’s an oldie but it perfectly describes all the many uses for the word ‘Fuck’.

I have said it once, I am saying it again now and I will probably say it a whole bunch more.  My tattoos are for ME.  They are not for you, or your friend or your friends friend or your cousin or even your Aunt or your husband.  They express to ME who I am and what I feel and believe.  Yours mean whatever they mean to you.  Maybe they don’t mean anything to you and HEY, that’s great!

I got a bit of flack for this tattoo (and for some coming up in the weeks ahead) and for the amount of tattoos that I have in general.  Look, if you don’t like it, I totally get that, dude.  So…then don’t like my tattoos or how many I have, fabulous!  But I don’t need your ‘disapproval’ or ‘disappointment’ expressed to me in person or even WORSE on Facebook.  UGH.  The Facebook shaming is so gross.

“You don’t like it?  Cool.  I don’t care.  I didn’t do it for you. so Fuck Off!”

You can check out Eds on Instagram and he appears for at least 4 more weeks on ‘Terry’s Tattoos Tuesdays’ PLUS this past Friday (August 12, 2016), we finished the next installment for Terry’s Tattoos Tuesdays.  And it’s a doozy.  Stay tuned.

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