#12 & #13 Love Me - Hate Me

Circa 2010 (June) & 2012 (December)
43 & 46 Years Old

This week you are getting a Two-fer.  These next 2 tattoos were done 2 years apart, but they were done consecutively AND they go together to form one full tattoo so I am doing them as one post.  I’ve already admitted that I can be a bit of an Emo, so this tattoo really takes that to the next level.  Once again I went back to Eds and this time I had a long term goal in mind.  ‘LOVE ME‘ on one set of knuckles and ‘HATE ME’ on the other.

Knowing my low pain tolerance and low bank account, first we did ‘LOVE ME’.  In order to add to that Emo, teen angst vibe, I wanted the ‘O’ in LOVE to be a heart…but a broken heart…with Jesus rays around it.  A lot of Tattoo Artists do not like doing the fingers because the ink doesn’t always stay as well and it tends to bleed making the tattoo blurry.  Ah well.  I knew the dangers and I was doing it anyway.

This is what it looks like today

These 2 stars were originally done in a deep, solid purple…TWICE.

Then I took a break from tattoos for a while.  I thought, “Let’s let people just ‘LOVE ME’ for the time being”.  *finger crossed*  So after a 2 year Hiatus, I went back to Eds again and we did the ‘Hate Me’ on the other hand.  Again, we used the heart as the ‘A’ in HATE, but this time turned it upside down and made it ‘not broken’.

So Why ‘LOVE ME - HATE ME’?  Well, you can choose to either Love me or Hate me.  The choice is yours.  Through my years on this planet, I have come to realize that although most people do in fact seem to Love me, there are a few that Hate me and I really just don’t give a shit.  But if you DO Love me…then I will love you back.  But if you Hate me…then go fuck yourself.

Fun Fact:  Technically, there was also a gap between ‘LOVE’ and ‘ME’ but I really couldn’t remember the timeline so I glossed over it.

Fun Fact II:  The little ‘Used to be purple’ stars on my pinkies?   Up to that point in time..THAT was the most painful tattoo.  During the process of that one little tiny star, i had to get him to stop at LEAST 5 or 6 times.  Mother EFFER!!!

This image was used to make the very first ever teb Interiors logo. **Keep scrolling to sneak a peek under the sewing machine through the glass table.

You can check out Eds on Instagram and he appears for at least 5 more weeks on ‘Terry’s Tattoos Tuesdays’ PLUS we have a date set for August 12, 2016 for some more work so we will see what comes from that.

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