#11 The Hammer, The Anvil & The Stirrup...Oh My!

Circa 2009 (November)
43 Years Old

This is the 3rd tattoo that I had done in 2009 (all 3 by Eds) and this one here REALLY cemented me as ‘That guy with all the tattoos‘.  Ah, the neck tattoo, Red Necked & Trashy.  Love it.  Fuck it.  No one has ever been able to guess what the hell this is a tattoo of…well except for one person…My Audiologist. And for good reason.

Even as a kid, I have always had issues with my hearing.  I remember camping out in the backyard and when I would lie on one side, I could hear the cars and crickets.  But when I lied on the other, I couldn’t hear them anymore.  My left ear has always been the bad one but as the years have gone by, the right ear has caught up and now it is both ears.  Between a 30% and 40% hearing loss.

“He sucked on your WHAT?!”

I am not completely deaf.  I have a moderate hearing loss so I can still hear, but I just can’t always understand what has been said.  I can hear the sounds, but the actual words will usually escape me.  I have had to learn to combine what I CAN hear with reading lips, so if you are talking to me, I am probably watching your mouth to make sure I am getting it all.  And if I don’t catch every word, my brain interprets it for me and it’s usually something obscure or dirty.

“Hey Terry, do you know Excel?”…”Salad?  well, everybody loves salad!” (true story from the ‘Divine Design’ set).   Or you may hear me say “He sucked on your WHAT?”…or…”What did you just say about Tampons?!”.  I finally broke down a few years ago and got some really cool hearing aids.  I have to wear one in each ear.  They have Bluetooth so I can actually talk on the phone right through them.  Pretty fucking nifty.

So this tattoo is a representation of my Effed up hearing.  It is of the 3 bones in the ear (malleus, incus, and stapes. or also referred to as the hammer, anvil, and stirrup, because of their shape.) but if you look closely, there are exposed and sparking wires.  As though someone has grabbed them and ripped them out and now they are broken.

They haven’t been able to determine why I have this hearing loss as it wasn’t properly tested until later in life so nothing to compare to.  I used to work in bars and nightclubs when I was younger so thought it may have something to do with the loud music but my dad also has 2 hearing aids so I am pretty sure it’s hereditary.  Although, he was a Race Car Driver and Auto Mechanic for years so was exposed to loud noise as well so who knows.

Fun Fact:  Tattoos are supposed to mean something to YOU.  They reflect something about YOU and not anybody else.  So don’t be concerned if others can’t relate or can’t tell what the tattoo is.  Fuck em’.  Only you need to understand and relate to it.  That’s all that matters.

You can find the AWESOME people at ‘Union Hearing Aid Centre’ here and on Facebook.  It will change your life.

You can check out Eds on Instagram and he appears for at least 5 more weeks on ‘Terry’s Tattoos Tuesdays’ PLUS we have a tentative date set (early August 2016) for some more work so we will see what comes from that.

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