teb Beds

We put an obscene amount of pride and energy into the design and quality of our beds to ensure each one meets the teb standard of style and construction. A teb Bed is strong, sturdy, and built to take a beating. But it’s also beautiful, sexy and cool. It’s sure to make an impact on everyone who comes in contact with it. We spent a countless amount of hours designing and stressing about every detail on all of these beds.


BUT, we also allowed tons of room to completely customize each and every one of them to your own specifications, wants and desires. Make your teb Bed cool, edgy and over the top or keep it soft, quiet and elegant, it’s up to you. You can even mix and match all the pieces and fabrics from any of our beds to ‘Frankenstein’ yourself a super special teb Bed that’s created just for you…by

 “Over the top and ‘cray-cray’ or sleek & sophisticated…it’s all right here”

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