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Not to toot our own horn here, but ‘Beep, frickin Beep’.  Over the years we have taught ourselves how to do many things.  Sewing, Embroidery, Silk Screening, Fabric Printing, Upholstery, CAD Drawings, Renderings, Photoshop & Illustrator.  We thrive on knowledge and learning.  We seek out challenges.  We are bored if we are not trying something new and different.

If you throw something at us, we will catch it, tear it apart, research it and whip it back at you even better than it was originally conceived.  We have access to all sorts of mediums like fabrics, metal, wood, electrical, printing … We could go on but it seems that we have bragged enough, have a look though the blog posts below and see for yourself.

 “we do…we can…and we will”

The Pamela Bed

Pamela was was randomly shopping around our area and accidently stumbled upon us.  Turns out she was having a hard time finding a Bed that covered all of her requirements. Her...

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Jan’s Dining Bench

Always wanted one of those really sweet Dining Benches for your table? Well so did Jan, so she came to us.......Naturally. **Jan is reading this too so everyone say "HI JAN!!!"** Where to begin?...where to begin?  How about with the frame?  DUH!! Matt built the frame,...

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Scribble Live Banquette

Scribble Live is a real-time content management company. They were re-doing their offices here in Toronto which included a brand spanking new banquette style seating for one of the meeting rooms. Nobody better than teb Interiors right?  right. It is always so...

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Melissa’s Chairs

Oh man!  You guys are in for a treat!  Not only do we have pictures for this blog, but we have "moving pictures"!  OK OK OK, on with the blog. This week we have a super cool project that was brought to us by a fabulous designer named Melissa Coghlan.  Her clients...

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Big Ass, King Bed

Often times we work together with Design Republic on projects.  A customer will order something but want it in a fabric that it isn't available from the manufacturer so they turn to teb interiors to make their dreams come true.  In this case a client ordered an...

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Top Secret Headboard

Yes!!!   We love it when we get to work on some really great projects.  One of our clients that consistently brings us some pretty awesome ideas to work with is someone whos name we cannot mention.....yet.   But she's tall and blond and that's the only hint we are...

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White Wash & Co. Showcase Home Project

    In case you missed us on Breakfast Television here are a few shots from the White Wash & Co. Showcase Home Project by Jo Alcorn. Some pets are indoor pets... ...and some pets are outdoor pets.  Sit boy.  No!  No!  No!  Don't do that!  Dang, now Terry's gonna...

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Seven Haus Design Chair Affair Chair

  Recently, we were approached by Design Republic and presented with a unique opportunity.  They had a client, Seven Haus Design, that needed a chair refinished for a charity auction.  The charity was The Furniture Bank, and the auction was thier third annual...

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Prague European Kitchen Banquettes

The fine people at Prague European Kitchen came to us to help them with their complete renovation of their restaurant.  They were tearing everything out and looking to freshen things up with a new look.  So what did they need us to help out with?  The Banquettes.  And...

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John’s Art Deco Chairs

We were approached by a John...(insert witty prostitute joke here) to recover two Art Deco chairs for him. They actually are originals from the Art Deco era, so they are really quite old and definitely in need of some upkeep. From the picture below, visually, they...

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