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What’s the deal with Martha Stewart? Once a household name in home interior design and entertaining, Stewart was to homemakers what Julia Child once was to aspiring chefs: half diva, half domestic goddess. Then came the insider trading scandal and now, even though she managed to sell her empire for hundreds of millions of dollars, you can buy her furniture at Kmart or Home Depot alongside giant Rubbermaid storage bins. Going from Forbes to prison (where, presumably, she wasn’t allowed to decorate her cell) and being spoofed on SNL every week must have been hard for this Jersey girl. But has she lost her polish?

Not really. Whether you want to make 94 individually wrapped plum puddings for the PTA or learn how to craft Halloween costumes for creepy little dogs, we have to bow to Martha as an American icon. She taught us how perfect things could look, and at teb we took that information and ran with it…mainly so we could mess with it, but still. Anyone who can teach an American housewife the value of a trellis-stenciled bookcase backsplash deserves props; we can’t even say it five times fast.

Interior Design firms wants to banish the beige

Contrast Martha Stewart with another of our heroes, Marilyn Manson. They’re both beautiful people, but let’s just say that while Stewart could take him any day in a bare knuckled fight, he’s got the edge when it comes to funky Toronto interior design. What we’d like to see is the two of them blended. After all, he’s a multimedia artist with his very own posh gallery, and he obviously knows a thing or two about a canvas (even if it’s his own face). What would happen if they somehow merged to form a whole new design entity: Martha Manson?

Decorating with pillows for a modern look a la Martha Manson

Let’s face it: At teb Interiors we can design every room in your home to look like it’s been touched by Martha, Manson, Martha Manson, or even your own personal Jesus… or we can simply create a single stunning piece of custom furniture to help you build out your collection. It’s easy for us, because we’re Toronto design experts. But if you want to try the Martha Manson look at home yourself, in a very short period of time, like today, there’s no better place to start than with the humble throw pillow.

If nice cuddly pillows seem more Martha than Manson, consider that we’re not talking about grandma’s crocheted squares or that furry thing on your couch that smells like children; we’re talking genuine teb custom pillows, the kind that are handcrafted and numbered from one to three like works of art because they are. If you’re brave enough to put a “Dexter” in your living room, pairing the softness of Martha with the blood spatter of Marilyn, we give you props.


Pull on your elbow-length gloves and blink some of that mascara out of your eyes, it’s time to get decorating! Here’s how to make it work.

  • Number of pillows: While you could just go ape shit and put 500 pillows in your living room, we do not think ‘it’s a good thing’.Try odd numbers like threes and fives, increasing the number if you have a sectional, to create a pleasing asymmetry.
  • Size of pillows: We hear a lot about how size doesn’t matter but that’s just bullshit. It totally matters. A few big pillows say style, whereas a bunch of tiny pillows are nothing more than an irritant. A big pillow will also showcase your chosen colours, patterns and fabrics much better than a smaller one.
  • Shape of pillows: Square, as the name implies, can become a little…square. Try a rectangle, bolster or other unusual shape to really make the 3D Boobies pop.
  • Fabric of pillows: Cotton and linen work well…then again, so does silk, fur and sequins. It’s all about creating an experience that’s stunning both visually and to the touch. Feel free to mix and match, as long as there is some kind of unity in the theme or colour both of the pillows and the upholstery.

Time for Pillow Talk

Now that you’ve created your pillow masterpiece, snap a pic and share it with your good buddy Trent Reznor (it will brighten his day, given that gray would be the colour if he had a heart) or call Martha herself and invite her over to take out her supressed rage in a good old fashioned pillow fight.

Pillows a little too small potatoes? teb would be happy to restore and reupholster your whole couch just the way you want it, for that je ne sais edge. Alternatively, our design team can help you plan and execute on all your most extreme full makeover; we’ve got oodles of awesome interior design ideas for the whole home. Call us today for a free consultation!

Terry Edward Briceland

The Co-Founder & Creative Dictator of teb Interiors.  Terry is best known from his many appearances on HGTV and W Network television programs.  teb Interiors offers complete Interior Design services plus they specialize in custom sewing and upholstery, servicing throughout the GTA.   The firm is known for its edgy, controversial designs and for creating truly one of a kind show pieces that are guaranteed to get the conversation going.

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