teb Interiors  is owned and operated by Terry Edward Briceland from Divine Design and Matthew Adams.  A home-grown Canadian based company that strives to make our products with care, sophistication, quality and an extra attention to detail.  Our style is darker, edgier, naughtier, sexier and smarter all with a sense of humour. A true teb product will always have a presence of purple,
  be it the purple zipper and lining in our cushions to the little purple loop snuggled in the seam on one of our teb Beds. All of our products are handcrafted at teb Interiors. We do all of our own sewing, upholstery, silk screening, embroidery and embellishment. We are constantly experimenting with new and exciting techniques to enhance our designs.  So keep an eye out for the latest and greatest creation from teb Interiors.