Jason and Hayley were referred to us as they were in the market for a new, cool, hip and edgy headboard.

I know I don’t NEED to say it…………..but I am gonna say it.

DUDE!!!  Of COURSE we are the guys to make something cool, hip and edgy!!  DUH!!

They knew that they wanted something with a shape other than just a rectangle and didn’t want to use regular fabric because “Let’s be honest, KY doesn’t wash out of fabric”.  True dat Jason….True dat.

So off to the fabric books of vinyls as they can just be wiped down easily enough.  They ended up going with this really cool vinyl that crackles as you stretch and pull it to give it a sort of vintage-y vibe and feel.  The fabric is from Joanne Fabrics and is called ‘Harry‘.

So once the shape and size were decided, Matt got started on building the frame.

We call this shape the ‘Wellington’. Its upside down in this pic by the way






















Then the foam is cut and secured.   Only the inner section will get foam so it creates a sort of ‘frame’ around the edges.

The holes for the button tufting are pre cut

first the fabric is placed on the front and the buttons are pulled through to the backside.

Sweet, sweet tufting

The inner sections fabric is stapled into place.

Then the fabric and nailheads are added to the outer edge.

Turns out that the headboard was one of the last finishing touches in their new bedroom that they designed and executed on their own.

Super impressive right?

Really like the touch of yellow

Really like the touch of yellow

And see? No KY.


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