Take This Beige And Shove It!


Uplift dull, beige rooms with vibrant hues and clean, contemporary style! ~ HGTV

Sometimes, you gotta ask the people.

So, we went out on the street to see what Toronto has to say about BEIGE.

“I just love beige!” gushed Nicole*, a teacher’s assistant. “It goes with everything!”

“Beige…that’s kind of like the colour of a hearing aid, right?” asked Cynthia*, a goth type we found wandering around Sugar Beach. “Hearing aids are cool.”

“Get that mic out of my face!” shouted Stu*, an off-shift construction worker.

So far, we like Stu’s response best.

Interior Design firms wants to banish the beige

Why you need to forget about beige as a colour. Forever.

Remember that custom pillow your grandmother had – how you used to trace the pictures with a finger, trying to figure out how anybody could have possibly sewed so intricately? Okay, think hard…was it beige?

When you used to splatter paint onto big sheets of art paper and spread it around with your hands, revelling in the sheer joy of creativity…were you painting in beige?

Standing at the shore of a majestic lake, watching the sun set over the water as waves gently lap at the kayaks tied up at the dock…IS ANY OF IT BEIGE?!

Ah, you say, But I’m all grown up now. True. You may have graduated from Crayola to Pantone, but beige hasn’t changed. It’s still institutional, bland,and looks like ass in your house.

So stop it. Now.

What to do if you’re still jonesing for beige

Perhaps our harsh indictment of the pukey non-colour colloquially known as beige has left you reeling, but not ready to give up on the light brown tones that have been your signature for all these years. You’ll be happy to know there are incredible alternatives to – okay, we don’t even want to say the word anymore. Let’s just get into your choices.


Step away from the beige:

If you’re ready to grow a pair, don’t worry, you don’t have to go from matchy-matchy neutrals to eye-popping Marilyn Monroe pink in a single leap. Right now, exciting 60’s-inspired colourslike teal, olive and orange are trending; a judicious use of these intense shades can engage the senses, turning your living room into a space you can actually stay awake in.

For a play on this look, check outPantone’s Urban Jungle palette, which combines vibrant warm and cool tones to wake you up. We especially love using teal for custom furniture upholstery, which allows you to do a single stunning chair in a rich teal velvet, for example.

Okay, baby steps:

If your heels are leaving drag marks on your beige carpet, maybe it’s time to take baby steps. Interior design firm Tilton Fenwick (don’t be hatin’ – these yummy mummies may design for Target, but they’ve been in the New York Times more than once) recommend sour green, which creates a fresh, bold look when mixed with other hues – think a beautifully upholstered headboard to add a pop of colour to your bedroom, or a bright ottoman to keep thoughts of spring alive as we face another long winter.

As an absolute last resort, Benjamin Moore’s big colour this year was Guildford Green. They call it a ‘natural neutral’. We call it pretty damn close to beige. But if it helps you inch away from the B-word, we gladly offer it up to you. Use it sparingly.

*names have been changed, not that these beige-loving psychopaths deserve it.

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