I Ain't Afraid Of No Rug!

We’ll have you on your knees kissing carpet


Give us 5 minutes of your time and we’ll have you down on your knees kissing carpet.

What are you afraid? Huh? Are you chicken shit or something?

Over here at teb we’re all about the base, no treble. We’re speaking, of course, of rugs. We know you may not be a lover of carpet. In fact, you might have been raised to believe that carpet is ugly and nasty, filled with allergens and impossible to clean; this belief might have led to you embracing all that is smooth, hard and bare. Hello! It’s time to change all that. Give us five minutes of your time and we’ll have you down on your knees kissing carpet.

In defence of shag

In recent years, wall to wall carpeting has gone the way of faux-wood panelling and orange Formica countertops; hardwood or laminate is de rigueur, even in the bedroom. And Toronto homeowners are currently engaged in a frenzied ripping out of carpet on the theory that even exposed sub-floor will fetch a higher asking price than rug. Well, at teb, no one is asking you to throw interior design theory to the winds and staple down the industrial gray (or god forbid, beige) crap found in airplanes and public libraries. But nor should you develop plantar fasciitis from sliding around on your ice-cold polished concrete skating rink of a floor, either. Rugs have been around since our prehistoric ancestors piled the by-products of their Paleo diets on their cave floors. Later, they were knotted, tufted and woven, either by hand or with looms, as people realized “Hey wait, I don’t have to kill something to keep my feet from touching the bare ground”. Our love affair with rugs has continued ever since, with different countries and cultures developing their own distinct styles and methods over the ages.

How to pick the perfect rug for your space

You can have as much fun with a rug as you would with a feature wall – maybe more, since rugs can add not only a much-needed pop of colour, but also interesting textures, sound absorption, and significant warmth, to any room in your home – and you can follow your heart, because the spectrum of rug styles is practically limitless. The main challenge is choosing something you like, that either works with your current stuff, or that you can build new stuff around. Oriental and Persian designs can work well with an opium den motif, and colourful Caucasian rugs will satisfy your OCD need for geometrical perfection (added bonus: you can answer ‘Yes!’ if anyone asks if you have ever walked on a Caucasian). Interior design buffs might prefer more contemporary styles. Here’s three things to consider when choosing the best rug for your space: Fabric. High quality fabrics like silk and wool can improve with age, just like the fine wines you sure as hell hope never to spill on your carpet. But these fabrics aren’t cheap. If you insist on going natural and on a budget, think about plant fibres like sisal, jute, seagrass, or even bamboo. These rugs can have a bit of a welcome-mat look on their own, but you can layer on another rug or even cotton throws for more cushioning and a colour-block style. Size. You know it’s too big when you have extra carpet climbing up the baseboards, but experts on furniture design agree that optimum rug sizes should vary depending on the room you’re putting them in. Colour. Go online to see what you like in terms of trending patterns and colours, then get real with one of these killer equations:


Where to buy your rug

All Hair Club For Men jokes aside, you need to know where to shop for the perfect rug. Here we will rank rug retailers in ascending order of spectacular-ness:

5. Canadian Tire. Seriously? They have rugs. The kind with plastic on the bottom that you wipe your wet boots on. Baby steps, people!

4. Sears. They have rugs that they consider to be fashionable. It’s a good starter place back into the world of rugs.

3. Pier One. They not only have giant cowhides, they even sell rug pads for underneath your rug. Squishy!

2. Private rug dealers. You go to a trade show or a little shop where the hand knotted Persian rugs are piled high. You smoke a beedi and negotiate for a while with the mustachioed owner, who brags about how many small children ruined their eyesight making the rug you want. You walk away with a rug and a horrible guilty feeling in the pit of your stomach.

And our #1 place for awesome rugs is:

1. Weaver & Loom. Seriously! So what that I have a huge crush on Ali Ghassemi (‘swoon’)! That doesn’t change the fact that he’s a colour-obsessed, pattern obsessed, polished-wool-from-mountain-sheep-obsessed rug junkie who’s collaborating with teb to make over the top gorgeous, rich, handmade rugs the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Watch for them to blow your frigging head off in Spring 2016!

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