Fuck Yeah! Is The New Neutral


Now that spring has sprung like a leprechaun leaping for a whiskey bottle, everyone is thinking ‘home interior design makeover’, but are we thinking of it in the right way?

Here at teb, if we see one more picture of a stand-up desk we’re going to commit ritual disembowelment over a white rug just so you can see what good décor really looks like. No really, stand up desks do get you off your arse but we’re just sick of seeing people dance, sheep-like, to the tune of the trend gods this spring. How about spending your money on something that’s going to make people stand up and take notice instead of standing up and checking their email? How about something that’s going to make your guests say “Holy shit, that looks fucking amazing” and rivets your rivals to the floor with envy? Now that’s a spring makeover teb can get behind.

Colour: While Pantone (baby pink and baby blue), Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams (white) and Graham & Brown (dusty crap) are all about the washed-out pastels for 2016 on the theory that looking at nothing will somehow help calm us down and remind us of the carefree days when we shit our diapers, we at teb believe that bright, vibrant colour can absolutely provide us with the emotional soothing we crave. You don’t have to go for turquoise walls in the bedroom; save the brights for rooms you naturally want to wake you up, like the kitchen, and opt for deep, interesting shades of indigo, navy or even tasteful black on other walls. With the right accessories, it won’t look like the Addams Family’s winter home.

Interior Design firms wants to banish the beige

Minimalism: Okay, stand-up desk lover, this is for you! FINE, get the *&^!ing desk, just don’t get one made of particle board that you have to assemble yourself with an Allen key *ahem*. Today’s minimalism is more about comfort than about stark plainness. Take the proverbial spring cleaning opportunity to de-clutter and restore a sense of space to your space, but when replacing furniture, opt for fewer pieces (that’s the minimalism) in more luxurious materials. In short, go for quality and substance over quantity and mass-produced. This design trend is all about you, and about making your home a clean and serene space to enjoy the way you want to. So if you enjoy lounging on the sleek custom upholstery of a velvet chaise, by all means, go for it; just don’t detract from the look with a lot of other pieces or bric-a-brac.

Metal: We’ve already mentioned that rich natural materials like marble, cork and wood are in this year, but despite the naysayers who are all about gold, copper does match with everything and it is a good way to bling up your home with a touch of luxe this spring. While gold makes us think of Christmas and rappers’ teeth, copper works in any season and can be accessorized in a huge variety of ways for the home, from decorative art to light fixtures to bathroom fixtures. Bonus: copper kills 99.9 percent of bacteria on contact. We’re not kidding, you can put the rubber gloves and the Nature Clean away because copper itself is like Mr. Clean on meth. Yet another reason to use it for anything people tend to touch a lot.

So this spring, save the neutrals for the office and come home to basically an orgasm in every room. Still stumped for inspiration? Swing by Design Republic at 639 Queen Street West and come up to the second floor, where we’re busy putting fairy dust on someone’s dream interior.

Fuck yeah!


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