Once again an awesome client that wants and ALLOWS us to make something out-friggin-standing.

Chris was searching for ‘cool and sexy’ in a new bed and lets be honest here, the market just ain’t flooded with cool and sexy.

But WE are!!

Through the fabric books we go and quite quickly (Cuz we know what the hell we are doing) we came up with the final selections



Then to the ‘teb Computer’ to draft up the overall ‘cool and sexy’ design.

Chris' Bed After 01 - CAD



And so the work begins.

As some of you may know, we have a new person at ‘teb Interiors.  Everyone, meet Sarah.  Dude she friggin ‘RAWKS the sh*t’.

Here she is with Matthew tufting the headboard.

Matthew is letting you all know what happens when you buy a ‘teb Bed’.

**pssst.  The back of his shirt

Sarah and Matt Tufting the Headboard
















Meanwhile I work on getting the sewing elements together and ready to be upholstered by Sarah and Matthew.

Sewing Wing
















Legs are painted

Painted Legs
















Moulding is applied to the side rails

Side Rail with Moulding
















The headboard is finished and we are off to install.

Chris' Headboard Almost Done
















Yup, you too can have this big, muscly hunk of a man in your bedroom.

That’s just another of the MANY benefits of purchasing a ‘teb Bed’

Muscles Magee
















And here you have it folks.  The finished Super Fantastic friggin am-AH-zing cool and sexy ‘teb Bed’

Chris' Bed After 02
















And here it is side by side with the Rendering.  A Before and After.

Pretty f*ckin spectacular if you ask me!!!


Chris' Bed After 03

Chris' Bed After 04

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