Black ceilings are the bomb!


Remember when you were a kid and you told your parents repeatedly that you would decorate things SO MUCH LESS LAME and WAY BETTER than they did? Now is your chance my friend, now is your chance.

By now you probably have some really cool pieces in your swank dwelling (RUGS #FTW) and things are really coming together. The walls are white… for now… but something is missing. Like you seriously need to #injectsomeedge into that shit because your day job is more exciting than your home right now. PAINT THAT MOTHERFUCKING CEILING BLACK!


We get it. Different is always nerve wracking. But you’re different! And you like different things ­ like tattoos named Pookie. So we definitely think you should try painting your ceiling black. You really can’t get more different than that when it comes to your home design!

How does it all work together?

This is going to work best if you go SUPER HIGH CONTRAST with the rest of the room. I.e., keep the walls white ­ or something light. Basically, you’re going for the opposite of what is “normal”. What is normal anyway? If you choose to pair your black ceiling with a wall colour that’s too dark, you risk your room appearing like something out of the Addams Family. But in a weird 90s goth club way, not in the cool way. The goal is extreme #Gledge, (see Gledgy) not extreme too­many­things­in­one­place­which­is­what­really­makes­a­room­look­cramped. Simplicity is key, friend.




Here’s the fun stuff. Try pairing a ridiculously fucking glitzy chandelier against the black ceiling, leaving lots of space for it to shine magic all over the room. Your magpie friends will love it.

An alternative to a completely black ceiling would be a really killer geometric pattern.



Your mom’s friend is a dweeb and she needs to try new things. The key to making your room look Gledgy AF is balance overall. This room does it with crown moulding borders between walls and ceilings, and artwork with a white background.

This room does it with just the right amount of black and white tile to pull it all together and this room makes use of large windows to keep things in check.


It’s time to get that super rad interior design you’ve wanted since you were ten.

Seriously. We’ve got your back. #blackceiling #ftw 

Terry Edward Briceland

The Co-Founder & Creative Dictator of teb Interiors.  Terry is best known from his many appearances on HGTV and W Network television programs.  teb Interiors offers complete Interior Design services plus they specialize in custom sewing and upholstery, servicing throughout the GTA.   The firm is known for its edgy, controversial designs and for creating truly one of a kind show pieces that are guaranteed to get the conversation going.

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